Hi, I'm Kim Marcadis and I am a potter from Matthews, NC. Art has been a part of my life since I can remember. I was introduced to the potter’s wheel in eighth grade and fell in love. It would take another thirty years before I would have the opportunity to work with clay again. In 2004, I moved from NW Indiana to Matthews, NC and in 2005 enrolled in classes at Clayworks Studio & Gallery in Charlotte, NC.


I like creating functional pottery with lots of color and texture. My inspiration for my surface designs comes from nature. I use a wax resist method to create designs and layer several colors of glazes.  I also add creatures such as frogs, turtles, birds and dragonflies to many of my pieces.  I also use items found in nature or from around the house to create textured surfaces.


Its all about the process at this time in my clay journey. I enjoy exploring working with clay and surface designs using many different processes, techniques and materials. I enjoy laying glazes to see what new colors I can come up with. I also enjoy using several types of clay and experimenting with varioius firing techniques such as raku, gas reduction, salt and soda, electric oxydation, and pit firing.